The majority of the sukuk issuances in Saudi Arabia are denominated in Riyal. In 2014, Saudi Arabia became the second largest issuer of sukuk by issuing a total of 15 issuances with a total value of US$ 12.1 billion.
  • HANCO Rent-A Car issued the first corporate sukuk in 2004 followed by SABIC and Saudi Electricity Company.
  • The year 2017 marks a significant milestone for Saudi Arabia as it embarked on issuing international sukuk worth US $9 billion pushing the market to a new level.

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Using data from our exclusive Sukuk Database, the above Sukuk Chart can be used to view issued Sukuk based on their maturity and issued profit rates along with corresponding information covering issued amount and date as well as rating data. View and filter sukuk based on issued country and currency covering both short-term and long-term issuances as well as historic matured sukuk covering the past ten years.

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