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Five Important Differences Between Sukuk and Tradi

Sukuk adhere to an Islamic view of finance, avoi

Defaulting on Sukuk: Penalties, and Restructuring

In conventional finance, those who default on thei

Shariah Resolutions in Islamic Finance

Bank Negara Malaysia’s Shariah Resolutions in Is

How Sukuk and Bond defaults differ - The role of t

The structure of a Sukuk makes enforcing investo

Are Sukuk Truly Islamic?

Paper by Jolyn Ang Yi Qin, discusses Sukuk in cont

Sukuk: An Introduction to the Underlying Principle

An old (but gold) presentation by now defunct Dar

Al Azhar University fatwa allows for fixed returns

The December 2002 fatwa issued by al-Azhar’s Ins

Why Muslims Reject Interest (Riba)

Muslims consider interest as a modern equivalent t

The Economic Law of Islam

The economic law of Islam has been revealed by the

Principles Involved in the Acquisition of Wealth i

The Islamic economic system places restriction on

Private Property in Islamic Economics

Islam is not a religion that demands that its foll

The Prohibition on Interest (Riba) and How It Affe

Riba (interest or usury) is fundamentally prohibit