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Advisory of Sharia Investment & Finance, India

Advisory of Sharia Investment & Finance (India) was initiated and founded by Mr. Asif Sharief. The urgency and strong necessity to have a advisory on sharia matters, to create awareness, educate on sharia investments and to coordinate with Sharia scholars to have Sharia board.

The process of Sharia Certification for Investments and Finance related issues are obtained from Sharia board after through scrutinize and screening of the business transaction or module by sharia scholars.
A.S.I.F. facilitates the process of obtaining the Sharia Certificate by working along with the Sharia Scholars, Audit team, Legal team and experts of the particular business domain.
A.S.I.F., acts as an intermediate body between the Enterprise and Sharia Board.
A.S.I.F. collects all the information from the Enterprise and after dully studying, screening and passing through its internal Sharia Audit/Legal team it is then forwarded to the Sharia board for Final screening and Certification .

If the Business module is found to adhere to sharia norms and comes under Sharia Compliance then the Sharia Certificate is issued.
A.S.I.F internal audit comprises of Financial and Legal experts. A.S.I.F is associated with Sharia Scholars of Sharia Board.

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