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Emirates NBD, United Arab Emirates

Emirates NBD has worked as a arranger and bookrunner for Sukuk.

Emirates NBD Sukuk ProjectsSEE ALL


Emirates Airlines 2023

Issued: 19 Mar 2013

ISIN: XS0904232310 Domicile: Cayman Islands, Truste

Dubai 2023

Issued: 30 Jan 2013

ISIN: XS0880424337 Domicile: Cayman Islands

JAFZ Sukuk 2019

Issued: 19 Jun 2012

ISIN: XS0794821453 SEDOL: B453XP7 Trustee: Abu Dhab


DIB (Dubai Islamic Bank) 2017

Issued: 30 May 2012

ISIN: XS0787130540 SEDOL: B8J4G66 Dubai Islamic Ban

EIB (Emirates Islamic Bank) 2017

Issued: 18 Jan 2012

ISIN: XS0731642491 SEDOL: B3R40V6

EIB (Emirates Islamic Bank) 2018

Issued: 18 Jan 2012

ISIN: XS0803231827 SEDOL: B86PC75 EIB is the Islami