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Engku Rabiah Adawiah Engku Ali, Malaysia

Prof. Madya Dr.Engku Rabiah Adawiah bt Engku Ali, PhD serves as Associate Professor at Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws, International Islamic University Malaysia. Dr. Engku Ali has been Member of the Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia since November 1, 2010. Dr. Engku Ali serves as Member of Shariah Supervisory Council at Labuan Reinsurance (L) Ltd. she is credited as being the first female Shari’ah scholar, and is said to have inspired a whole generation of women Shari’ah scholars after her.

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16 April 2014

SINGAPORE, April 16 (Bernama) -- There is a need to further internationalise the sukuk market by making issuances in hard currencies such as the US do

Chart showing integration

17 April 2014

The below chart displays Qatar USD Debt yield curve showing the integration of conventional debt and Sukuk. Chart from Commercial Bank of Qatar.

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18 April 2014

A lack of representation on global Islamic Finance institutions is leading to UK Islamic Finance losing out against global peers.

Lessons for Sukuk from Lo

05 May 2014

History of Eurobond market points to Kuala Lumpur moving further ahead as the unrivalled major centre for Sukuk.

Secondary Market Summary

05 May 2014

Presenting a summary of secondary market data for covered Sovereign GCC Sukuk.

Sukuk Market Summary: Ind

06 May 2014

Indonesia returned to the market with a domestic Sukuk issuance of 935 billion rupiah ($81.18 million) according to information released by the Financ