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Ijma & Qiyas Financial Services Consultancy, United Kingdom

IQ is a business consultancy offering services to financial institutions already within or entering the Islamic finance sector.

With the development of the Islamic financial services industry around the globe, expertise is needed to ensure Islamic finance manages to keep true to the principles of Shariah and social responsibility yet is able to maximise its potential by offering fair investment returns for shareholders.

IQ offers this expertise to its clients all around the world.

We work within the guiding principles of Islam which permit commercial and profitable business. In partnership with our clients, we provide the expertise to build and develop their business which offers competitive products for their customers and a competitive return to shareholders.

IQ embodies the principles and values of Islamic finance and offers extensive knowledge and experience of the Islamic financial services industry as well as the conventional banking system. Where necessary, we are able to make use of the IQ global network of professionals, service providers and financial institutions to ensure our clients' needs are met to the highest standard.

Ijma & Qiyas Financial Services Consultancy

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